Death Is A Business is a heavy metal band with an identity crisis. It was founded in New York City by guitarist and singer Alexander Lekhtman as a solo acoustic project in October 2013. The Business became a full four-piece, and later five-piece band throughout 2014-2016, seeing many different musicians pass through its membership. Alexander's college friend Zohaib Moonis joined on lead guitar in 2014 and has let loose fiery squeals and screaming solos ever since.

Going on almost five years now, Death Is A Business is now taking a break from performing while they work on their debut album. They have are also working on collaborative projects in hip hop, R&B, and other music with some of New York's hottest underground artists, including DARE, Swamisound, and Mellowmush.

Drop a line and say hi, and keep an eye and ear alert for their upcoming album, coming soon to a Spotify, record store, and back-of-a-guy's-car near you.




Alexander formed the Business in 2013 after moving to New York from New Jersey. Besides music, he's an avid lover of cats, home-cooked food, traveling, and Christopher Nolan films. He also writes about drug policy reform and advocacy, which you may explore here.



Zohaib joined the Business in 2014 and has been a staple since. Originally from Worcester, MA, his interests beyond heavy metal include anime, video games, and a 24/7 gym routine. When he's not practicing 8-finger taps or diminished 7th sweeps he's likely to be found blasting his ears out seeing a local band around town.