DEATH IS A BUSINESS is an Afro-Latinx rock band whose music transcends borders and bullshit. They are a nomadic band who travel throughout the world to collaborate with artists from many different cultures and traditions. 

Guitarist El Tres Da Nova formed Death Is A Business on a college campus in New York in October 2013. Between 2013-2020, the band performed with a rotating cast of singers and musicians from New York's emerging music scene. Their output included a 4-track rock & roll EP, a hip hop jazz single, a live acoustic album, and the band's debut album, progressive metal record Not Infinite in 2019.

Starting in January 2019, lead vocalist and cannabis activist Sonia Erika joined the band. Sonia is Mexican-American formerly undocumented immigrant who previously led the fight for cannabis justice in Massachusetts, and created her own unique blend of hip hop during her years studying at Harvard.

In March 2020–just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US–Sonia received her green card after 21 years of being an 'illegal immigrant'. For the first time, Mexico considered closing the border to Americans. She and El Tres immediately went to Mexico City, her first time ever going back home. During their four-month visit, they recorded the singles "MAKE LOVE" and "MOTHER EARTH", plus several other yet-unreleased songs.


The band's music project in Mexico–recorded during a global quarantine–included veteran instrumentalists from Mexico City and musicians still in New York. "MAKE LOVE" exposes the injustice and violence that immigrants and indigenous people face in Mexico and all over the world. "MOTHER EARTH" calls on all humans to save our planet from drowning under rising sea levels.

In January 2021, Death Is A Business skipped town on President Biden's inauguration to fly to Péru. They traveled over four months throughout the Pacific coast, Andes mountains, and Amazon rainforest regions. While in Cusco, the band teamed up with musicians from Péru, Argentina, and Venezuela and recorded three new songs. This un-released material incorporates funk, heavy metal, and psychedelic music with Andean and Afro-Peruvian sounds.

Death Is A Business has worked to connect artists and activists directly. In December 2019, the band hosted LOUD Music LOUD Politics LOUD Weed! at the Mark West Center for the Arts in NYC. The event offered free naloxone and drug overdose prevention education, and a discussion about cannabis legalization in New York. Guests also enjoyed local psychedelic art, live music, and food vendors.

Throughout the rest of 2021, the band will release new music from its trip to Mexico. They will also embark on their first tour through the Midwest and Sun Belt regions of the US. To get all updates on the band's music and journey, please join the mailing list.

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